Testing the Shovelhead Bobber

Harley-Davidson came out with this badass engine called the Shovelhead between 1966 and 1984. It was like the upgraded version of their previous engine, the Panhead. The Shovelhead had all sorts of cool improvements. They made the combustion chamber shallower, dropped the valves more for better intake and exhaust, improved the porting, and beefed up the valves and pistons. All these tweaks gave the engine an extra 10 horsepower and a totally different look. People started calling it the “Shovelhead” because the rocker covers looked like an upside-down coal shovel. Pretty neat, huh? Now, I won’t lie, the engine had a few issues at first, but once Harley-Davidson worked out the kinks, they saw a massive 26% jump in sales. Talk about a game-changer!